Making extra cash in your spare time
Making extra cash

Smart ways to make some extra cash

Here are ways to help you get a little bit more from your time and generate some extra money.

1. Make money work hard for you. Your money is hard-one so don’t let it languish in a bank account doing little. Make sure that its working to its maximum capacity. Periodically check the rates on your accounts to ensure that rates and terms and maximal and favourable for you. If you hadn’t noticed most banks drop the headline rates they offer after a time to offer paltry rates of just a fraction of a percent. So check out what you’re getting.

Also check out any dormant accounts. It’s amazing how many of these we have out there, just hanging around earning less than inflation – meaning your money is eroding away leaving you poorer and poor by the day.

2. Sell stuff on ebay/Amazon/car boot fair. If its no longer required get rid of it. Make some money by selling that stuff you no-longer want by putting it up for auction on eBay. What’s the point of stuff hanging around collecting dust. Sign up for an eBay account and get selling stuff this instant and clear space in your home.

3. Get rid of clutter/junk/scrap. Broken Jewelry made of gold and silver can easily be sold for scrap value and with the price f gold soaring, you’d be mad to keep hold of broken jewelry and such like. You might even find you have things of metal that are not gold or silver but that could fetch good prices from the scrap merchants.

4. Delivery driver. If you have vehicle this is a smart way of making some extra cash whilst not costing you any money for your overhead. Of course you must cover the cost of fuel, but you should be able to estimate these costs and figure out whether you can make a small/large profit on the job. So you could be a courier in your spare time and this would help with paying the cost of the car for example.

5. Cashback deals. There are great offers on credit cards and bank cards that pay money even for just using them. Some pay in rewards and others pay in terms of money off. For example American express can offer up to 2% on initial transactions. The same can be applied for store cards if you apply for a new store-card to purchase something – you can very often get a discount.

6. Rent a room out. Making the most of your overheads, renting out a room enables you to make some extra cash from renting a spare room to strangers. You can use one of the services out there such as to list your room rather like and eBay.

7. Mystery shopper. This is where you get paid for checking out customer service at a variety of stores. It involves going into stores, buying selected items and then giving feedback on those items. It’s pretty easy to do and doesn’t require much effort.

8. Claim all funds. You might be entitles to UK benefits so it may make sense to claim them. These credits might be TAX credits or even Job seekers allowance which is payable if you are currently out of work. Check the government website to find out about whether you could be owed money.

9. Sell your expertise. Many have deep expertise in a variety of areas from programming and coding to website design. Some of the places you can sell your time/expertise are and You could potentially charge by the hour or you could charge per task. It’s really up to you.

10. Tutor. Like selling your time, you could be excellent in Maths and able to tutor in maths at a variety of levels. There are services out there where you can list your service, qualifications and experience. Another way is to teach English to language students that come to the UK and there are plenty of local schools who do this.

11. Take a part-time job. Get another job. Around Christmas time there are often vacancies in the shops for people to help out with the surge in retail expected at this busy time of the year. Obviously your job will depend upon your experience and background.

12. Rent a parking space out. Particularly in busy urban areas renting out a parking space can give you instant money from those who need to drive into work and park their vehicle. You list your space and choose how you rent it out. Some parking spots in central London rent out for £400 per week.




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